Fondazione Futuro delle città


Promotion at various educational levels of awareness of the challenges of ecological and social transition of cities is indispensable and urgent.

Training is a statutory objective
Of the Foundation for the Future
of Cities.

The training proposal is structured around the core competencies and knowledge produced by the Foundation’s research components.

Target audience
of the offer
of programs
training are
students and
But also entities,
institutions, companies
and private citizens
and towns.

In all the proposed formats, developed in synergy with international realities of excellence, methodological aspects and laboratory opportunities occupy a significant part of the training projects.

Key themes of the School’s activities are ecological transition, urban forestation, adaptation and mitigation of the effects of global warming. The range of knowledge includes botany and plant physiology, nature-based solutions, strategic planning, social innovation, spatial observation technologies, and complex systems science applied to the urban context.

Through its educational offerings, the Foundation aims to foster the emergence of new professionalism for the
city of tomorrow.